by Alex Palmer | January 06, 2015
The rise of new technology and the blurring of the division between professional and personal time will play major roles in the workplace of 2015, a new study predicts. The Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SOIP) recently released its list of 10 workplace trends that managers can expect to see this year.

Drawing on survey responses from its members, the organization found that technology changes will continue to make a major impact on the workplace, particularly with an increase in automation of certain tasks and changes in how workers perform assignments. For example, another trend employees can expect to see is the growing use of mobile assessments -- using mobile technology to evaluate worker performance, incentivize improvements, and provided training. 

"It will be critical for businesses to get a better grasp on how mobile technology, as well as social media and social collaboration, are changing how employees are selected and recruited," the SOIP wrote.

Another tech-related trend is the rise in big data. As it becomes easier for employers to collect and assess a growing amount of data about workers' behavior and performance, SOIP members expect to see databases grow and managers to better leverage the information they provide. Additionally, the rise in wearable technology is expected to further blur the line between work and home life, making it more important than ever for organizations to encourage workers to maintain a healthy balance between the two.

Of course, not all the trends covered in the report were related to technology. SOIP predicted that corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs would also see an extra boost in 2015. Also, concerns about workplace diversity will further evolve: It will not be enough simply to ensure the workplace is a range of cultures and ethnicities, but to find ways to better leverage this diversity to encourage more effective management and greater productivity. 

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