by Deanna Ting | February 04, 2015
Last year was a banner year for Philadelphia-based Clutch, a consumer management platform that works with brands to help them optimize data to build consumer loyalty and engagement, and track gifting, gift card, and marketing solutions. In 2014, the company generated sales and increased revenue by more than 140 percent year over year, and now it engages with more than 45 million consumers of over 750 retailers in 14 countries worldwide. New client brands include Crabtree & Evelyn, Citizen Watch, Frye Boots, and Rawlings, and program expansions with brands such as Godiva, New Balance, and Pandora.

Clutch's success-its ability to use data in such a way as to help brands increase sales as well as build consumer loyalty and engagement-represents a major "shift" in today's consumer market, says Clutch Co-Founder and CEO Ned Moore. "Our advanced platform is helping many of the world's leading brands achieve this connection by delivering the next generation of consumer/customer resource management built specifically for marketers to understand and engage their customers across all touch points and increase their lifetime value."
When Clutch first got its start, the company, says Joe Pino, director of client success, was more so on gift cards and consumer loyalty. Two years ago, after merging with Clutch, the company evolved from a consumer focused digital wallet solution to a full-scale "retail solution that touches customers via mobile, online, and in store." Says Pino, "We help our brands better understand who their customers are, and how they are interacting with them." 

He says the key to better understanding what motivates consumers today involves understanding all the "touchpoints" involved, from e-commerce and point-of-sale to mobile providers. "Our platform integrates with all of those touchpoints so that any time a customer interacts through any of the, Clutch can track it. We learn what they're buying, when they prefer to shop, what their shopping habits are, if they're close to becoming a brand evangelist. We put tools in the hands of each brand with our robust reporting and insight around that."

When it comes to gift card programs for Clutch's retailer clients, Pino says that Clutch is focused on helping many brands, particularly those with franchisees, provide a seamless experience for franchisee owners so that a gift card can be redeemed easily across all locations, both corporate and franchised.

And when it comes to building a particularly motivating consumer loyalty program, Pino says that it's crucial to have a data collection service or platform like Clutch to help retailers improve their loyalty programs. "Building a loyalty program is an ongoing process. You need the right infrastructure in place. We work with brands that have those programs, and they are capturing a lot of data, but they don't know how to personalize the data and use it to enhance the customer experience." 

Going forward, Clutch is focused on expanding both of its social and mobile platform capabilities.