December 01, 2016
The act of motivating an individual or group to engage in behavior that will benefit both themselves and the organizations they work for, partner with, or purchase products from, is the core of a dynamic, ever-advancing industry with worldwide impact. There is an army of dedicated professionals across the globe that makes this industry possible. That is why Incentive has created an annual list to recognize 25 individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the motivation industry, or made it easier for motivation professionals to do their jobs. The individuals listed here were selected through a combination of input from members of the industry, feedback from readers, and our editorial team's selections.

The three individuals on this list, not only have the ability to do that, but they possess the skills necessary to imagine the future -- and make it happen.

These people keep track of how all the pieces fit together when everything goes right, and figure out the problems when things go wrong.

The number of organizations and individuals working to further the practice of incentives spans the globe. Here are three professionals with a global viewpoint who help guide the industry.

Every industry needs major players to stay healthy and growing. The four individuals on this list have helped to keep the industry strong and stable.

If you want to gauge the health of an industry, look at the quality of professionals like these, who drive innovation and new ideas at the granular level.  

To remain relevant, all industries need individuals who are willing to share their time and expertise to help keep the profession moving. Here are four of the best.

Every industry needs a champion. These are five of the incentive industry's best.