December 21, 2010

In an effort to reduce barriers to travel, newly elected members of Congress are receiving a crash course on the economic benefits of travel to and within the United States through a first-of-its-kind outreach campaign by the travel industry.

The U.S. Travel Association and its Power of Travel Coalition have targeted the more than 100 incoming freshmen with its “Freshman Blitz” campaign, including a primary focus on those who will represent areas where travel is a leading employer.

“This campaign is an excellent opportunity to inform freshman legislators before they get to Washington of the value of travel to their district and state,” says Roger Dow, U.S. Travel's president and CEO. “Travel is a $704 billion industry and a powerful economic engine in local communities. It positively affects every congressional district and is truly one of the best mechanisms to help generate jobs quickly.”

U.S. Travel has retained top-level grassroots organizing talent in districts across the country and and developed a toolkit of communications resources for members of the travel community to conduct outreach to all new members of Congress. Included in the toolkit is information on the importance of travel and tips on how to work with the newly elected officials.

“The best face on our vibrant industry is that of the hardworking individuals in hotels, theme parks, and rental car companies in destinations around the country,” says Dow. “The ‘Freshman Blitz’ is an opportunity for our industry leaders to build lasting connections with their elected officials before they arrive in Washington.”