March 07, 2012
Patty Saari, Aimia's vice president of business loyalty product and strategy, will lead the industry group the Forum: Business Results Through People for 2012, as its president. The organization, which also has a new leadership team for the year, intends to release a steady stream of research for the C-suite, human-resource, and marketing sectors. The research will be intelligence and actionable tips on customer service, sales and marketing strategies, and employee performance and engagement with motivation and retention strategies. 

"The goal is to make Forum research more frequent, relevant, and useful to our constituents, end-users, and the incentive and recognition industry," says Saari. 

The Forum leadership team for 2012 is:

- Vice President Michelle M. Smith, vice president of business development at O.C. Tanner
- Secretary Karen Renk, executive director of the Incentive Marketing Association
- Treasurer Paula Godar, director of brand strategy at Maritz 
- Past President Keith Fenhaus, president of Hallmark Business Connections 

In addition, Dr. Frank Mulhern, the associate dean of research at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, will continue as the Forum's academic director.