by Leo Jakobson | July 03, 2014
The leading incentive travel industry association announced a name change and a new logo on July 3. The 41-year-old Society of Incentive Travel Executives will now be known as the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. It will retain the acronym SITE.

The change is part of SITE’s efforts to strengthen and expand the organization by reemphasizing its focus on providing members in the incentive travel industry with valuable tools, education, and networking opportunities. In addition, the group said in a statement that while many of its 2,000 members are long-time executives and business owners, it has “a thriving “Young Leaders community and many members for whom the word ‘executives’ does not personally resonate.”

As for the logo, the change is subtle but designed to better represent the association’s mission. The “i” and “t” have been emphasized and now run together. “It is proven that Incentive travel works and IT (Incentive Travel) is what unites SITE members around the world,” the group said in its release.

“The SITE board of directors has “listened to the membership and will continue to react to the changes and demands of our industry as well as member expectations,” said Paul Miller, SITE’s president for 2014. “These subtle but necessary changes in the SITE name and word mark pave the way to building a more robust global community which will help us achieve our goals and aspirations.”

The organization has also rolled out a new tagline and set of brand values. The tagline, “Incentive Travel. Business Results” that will be prominent on its website and marketing efforts. The brand values haven’t actually changed much, SITE said in a statement, but the way they are expressed has changed: “Connections, Creativity, Results and Trust.”

SITE Foundation Name Updated

The surveys and focus groups that were undertaken before making these changes also suggested that the brand of SITE’s educational arm, the SITE Foundation International could use updating as well.

The SITE board and Foundation trustees have decided that both groups will now share the umbrella brand, SITE, for the Foundation’s research, education, fundraising, and advocacy. But the Site Foundation is dropping the word “International” because, the release says, “SITE is already a global brand.”