by Vincent Alonzo | October 05, 2011
The Incentive Research Foundation introduced a new measurement tool, the Master Measurement Calculator Tool, on day one of the Motivation Show at Chicago's McCormick Place West. The tool was part of the IRF's daylong symposium "The Next Level: New Uses, Research, and Tools Supporting the Business Benefits of Non-Cash Motivators." 

The tool, which is available free on the IRF web site,  enables incentive program planners to think through the cost aspects of a program and anticipate potential adverse effects. Once numbers are entered into the tool, it generates a report that provides tangible numbers and dollar values that can be used to create incentive program budgets.

"By simply plugging in available cost and expected outcome information, users can generate a straightforward email report that forecasts their total costs, cost benefit ratio, and ROI and data collection plans," says Melissa Van Dyke, IRF president.