Industry News

How to Maximize Your Incentive Budget

Quick tips for getting more out of your motivation spend.

Merchandise Awards Remain Strong

by Leo Jakobson | April 16,2018
Recognition and reward program managers say budgets are rising and brand is key.

Planners Reveal Where They Get Destination Information

by Andrea Doyle | April 11,2018
DestinationMAP2017 finds websites, trade shows, and magazines influence destination selection.

Why Brand Matters to Your Incentive Program

by Leo Jakobson | April 10,2018

A new webinar, The Power of Brand Name Merchandise, will make your program more successful.

Association News

IRF Launches New Incentive Journal

by Leo Jakobson | April 17,2018
The Incentive Research Foundation's new publication will review research into recognition and rewards.

SITE Previews New Professional Certification

by Matt Alderton | April 12,2018
The mid-level Certified Incentive Travel Professional debuted at SITE Incentive Summit Americas.

SITE's New Day

by Leo Jakobson | March 28,2018
A new CEO and new vision are taking the incentive travel organization on a new path.

IRF Summarizes Incentive Program Legal Issues

by Leo Jakobson | February 01,2018
The Incentive Research Federation offers an easy-to-read review of recognition and reward program pitfalls.
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