by Leo Jakobson | May 01, 2012
smartwatchCartoon detective Dick Tracy famously had a Two-Way Wrist TV (upgraded from a radio in the ‘60s) to keep in contact with headquarters and his fellow cops. 

Now Sony has released the SmartWatch to accompany Android-powered smartphones, allowing wearers to access social media apps, control their phone calls and email, play music, check the weathe, and of course tell the time -- all without taking their phones out of their pockets. 

Described as a “remote information center for your Android smartphone,” the SmartWatch features a 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen that can display Facebook and Twitter updates, and email and SMS text messages as well as display calendar alerts, accept, reject or answer phone calls, and control Music Player. Sony says a “growing number” of other 1.3-inch compatible apps are available. 

Weighing in at just over a half ounce, the SmartWatch works with most Android 2.1 and above smartphones, is dust proof and splash proof, and has vibration alert capability. Sony says its batteries are good for four days, and it recharges via USB. It has language support for English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Danish, Polish, Japanese, Czech, German, Modern Greek, and Dutch.

The device comes with a black rubber watchband but the clip that attaches it to that can also be used to fix it to clothing or a bag strap. Other watchbands are available in pink, white, mint, grey, and blue. It retails for $149.99.