by Joe Henry | February 27, 2018

Having a rugged watch that can withstand some impact, sudden precipitation, and still work great and look even better is an essential for any traveler. Here are a number of watches that live up to that -- and more.


 For those who want a smart watch but don't to look as if they're wearing one, there's Fossil's Hybrid Smartwatch. This looks like a traditional analog watch but is in fact connected to your phone. It can be set to two time zones and get text, social media, email, calendar, and app notifications. It can also control music and functions as a fitness tracker. It's the perfect device for heavy travelers who spend many hours on planes and routinely hop time zones.

 Citizen's World Time A-T series offers more great options. The A-T stands for Atomic Timekeeping, meaning this always-accurate watch receives radio signals from an atomic clock, keeping it in sync and completely accurate at all times. Moreover, World Time watches are part of Citizen's famous Eco-Drive series, which are solar powered so should never lose power.

 Another option is Seiko's 5 Sports collection. This lineup of automatic watches is designed to be rugged and tough. It includes an Explorer series, for those who need precise timekeeping in difficult environments; an Aviator style, which can track fuel, speed and distance; and the Marine series, which is a pure diver's watch.


Bulova' s Archive Series includes a piece of one of the most memorable moments in history, the Apollo 15 mission, when Bulova' s lunar pilot chronograph endured the harsh conditions on the moon. Another historical series of timepieces is the Rubaiyat collection, a name of poetic significance originally chosen by the company in 1917 to introduce its first female-focused watch designs. "Today the collection celebrates a century past, fusing modern design with longstanding roots in the art of true craftsmanship and empowered femininity," the company says.  Bulova' s history of firsts continues to evolve with its Curv collection, featuring the world's first curved chronograph movement, which Bulova calls a "melding of innovative thinking, expert craftsmanship, and advanced technology."