by Joe Henry | March 20, 2017
Fossil is one of the most accessible and popular luxury watch companies, housing numerous brands. Recently, it's focused on hybrid watches, or watches that are connected while looking like traditional watches. The company is comfortable doing this given its success selling accessible luxury watches.

"Now the focus is about taking that same fashion watch and integrating the software inside of it," said Jenny Durham, Fossil's division sales manager of corporate developments. Among Fossil's most popular lines are Michael Kors and Skagen. "They continue to excel in the incentive world," Durham said.

Skagen is known for its minimalistic, sleek watches for men and women -- in line with current fashion trends. This year, Fossil will expand on the Skagen hybrid collection it introduced late last year -- so look for new models with "pop" of blue. 

Another of Fossil's top lines is Michael Kors, which sells women's watches that are both sporty and glitzy. One of its top selling ladies watches is the Slim Runway Hybrid Smartwatch. It takes the look of the traditional Slim Runway and adds smartwatch capabilities, and is available in gold-tone stainless steel and black ion-plated stainless steel.

If you're interested in high-end luxury, there's Tourneau, which houses numerous brands including Omega and Cartier. 

A few months ago, Cartier unveiled a new skeletonize Swiss watch: the Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Hour Watch. It's a skeletonized watch, exposing all the moving parts of the time piece. And it's probably the most aspirational watch on this list -- as it costs just slightly less than a BMW 6 Series. So save up your points.

A little more down-to-earth -- but still very luxurious -- is the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Automatic Master Chronometer, announced just a few months ago. 2017 is the sixtieth anniversary of its seminal Speedmaster -- though this version is automatic.

Movado is also harkening back to a time gone by, with its Museum Dial Classic. Based on a design created in the '40s by the artist Nathan George Horwitt, the Museum Dial Watch has been a popular for nearly twenty-five years and is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. That famous design -- a simple gold circle at the top of an otherwise blank, black face -- influences nearly every Movado collection. While Movado has consistently produced the Museum Dial Watch for decades, it introduced last year the Museum Dial Classic, which is more streamlined and elegant than some of the chunkier offerings from the '00s. 

The Museum Dial Classic is also available in new colors, including a two-tone watch and a model with a blue dial.

For those wanting a more youthful aesthetic, the Museum Dial design is also available in Movado's Bold collection. Bold includes several Bluetooth-connected smartwatch offerings, though Movado also offers traditional watches in Bold stylings as well. Movado Bold watches are available for both men and women.