by Andrea Doyle | November 27, 2018

A watch on its own is a powerful motivator, but one that is personalized for a particular person and achievement has even more of an impact. Plus, watches appeal to all genders and come in every size, color and style imaginable. Strapped around one's wrist, a watch is a constant reminder of the recipient's achievement. Plus, the organization presenting the watch will benefit from the pride its recipients will have for the company that awards them with such a memorable gift.

Millennials are an important industry segment that all companies must consider. They prefer customization and personalization, and a watch that has a message directed at them will go a long way.

The Power of Brands
Citizen, which offers the broadest range of timepiece options under one brand umbrella, is a welcome addition to an incentive and rewards program. "The opportunity to be very individualized is compelling. It's a way to take the esteem of a brand and add a touch -- that it is made specifically for the individual and his or her achievement," says Vickie Pedersen, regional manager of special markets for the Citizen brand of Citizen Watch America. "Plus, very few will have that same piece."


Watches are popular as years-of-service awards, to commemorate important milestones, and acknowledge exceptional performance. Often, companies will engrave the particular number of years of service being recognized. Custom logos can be added to watch faces and emblems can even be added to the bands.

The type of watch personalization relates to the reason it is being awarded. "If a company is looking for something dramatic, we may recommend graphics on the watch dial," adds Pedersen. "For a subtler touch, engraving on the case back, not the dial, is best."

Not only can the watch be personalized, but so can the box it is presented in.

"When someone wears a watch they earned, it becomes so much more than just something that matches an outfit. They will wear it with pride and recognition of the accomplishment, plus having it on your person is pretty powerful," says Pedersen.

Consulting incentive specialists at watch companies like Bulova and Citizen will ensure the personalized watch will be appealing. "We know our product and what type of personalization will complement which watch best for a successful result," says Pedersen.

Customization on Many Levels
Bulova, a classic American brand since 1875, has a wide appeal due to its broad portfolio of brands and styles. Not only are there all Bulova brands to choose from but licensed partners Harley-Davidson Timepieces and The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation watches as well. Plus, Bulova's Gift in Time program can transform any event gifting into a customized experience with a choice of brand names and styles from which to pick.

"Bulova offers various forms of customization: for watches, custom imprinted and etched dials, custom engraved case backs: for clocks, custom dials and engraved logos," says Adrienne Forrest, vice president of corporate sales for Bulova. "We are perfect for service awards, incentives of all kinds. In addition, we are very popular with casino promotions. The key to our appeal is that Bulova continues to be a recognized and trusted brand name."  

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This article appears in the Winter 2018 issue of Incentive.