by Leo Jakobson | July 08, 2013
Since 1938, Zero Halliburton has been best known for its nearly indestructible aluminum briefcases. But it also makes nylon and polycarbonate carry-ons and larger pieces of luggage. 

Two new, lightweight lines of polycarbonate bags, the Classic Polycarbonate and GEO Polycarbonate collections, were introduced this year. The new bags are tough, light (the standard 19-inch cases weigh less than 10 pounds), and feature a variety of well-thought out interior pockets, liners and cinch straps, as well as integrated TSA locks. They are available in two-wheeled and four-wheeled "spinner" models. They come in  in black, blue, gold, gunmetal and silver, and range in price from $495 to $650. 

The Profile Nylon wheeled business cases and carry-ons are two-wheeled roll-ons, are available in black, and run $425 to $495. They are top-opening rather than spilt in the middle like the polycarbonate line.

If you're looking for a special award for a serious road warrior, there's now an upgrade from even the aluminum attache cases. The CP3-STEALTH case is made of ultra-lightweight, super-strong carbon fiber, the same material used on supercars to provide massive strength and very few extra pounds.  It retails for a $2,350.