by Joe Henry | June 12, 2018
Great wood products can add a touch of hominess to any gift. Wood immediately evokes a sense of artisanal craftsmanship and distinction, especially in a world where so many products feel mass produced. Each wooden item feels unique in its own way, which makes them exceptional items for corporate gifting.

Woodchuck, for instance, can assemble some spectacular executive gift sets that include a handsome wooden box with a wooden journal, card holder and pen. These items can be emblazoned with a corporate logo and can be individually customized -- so they make a great gift for a high-performing employee -- or purchased in bulk for an entire office or field team. Of course, each item can also be purchased ala carte. 

Woodchuck products can be bought through Harco Incentives, which carries an array of flasks made from different woods, including a three-ounce flask made from cedar and a 10 ounce flask made of walnut. Both are durable and elegant -- though the three ouncer is perfect for squirreling away in your jacket pocket for a quick imbibe. And the 10 ouncer is excellent for those longer durations, such as over a camp fire, a long hike in the woods or a graduation ceremony. Both come with funnels -- so you won't have to worry about spilling your precious liquid -- and stainless steel interiors.

The Wood Reserve also has some unique wooden items. One option from is the bamboo Bluetooth speaker. Sleek, minimalist, and small, the speaker nonetheless boasts impressive sound for its size. It's the perfect gift for the employee who is conscientious of maintaining the Zen harmony of the items in their work and living space. Unlike most bulky black speakers, the bamboo Bluetooth speaker is also a major conversation piece.

Other choices include wide variety of pens available in mahogany, ebony, ambrosia maple, zebra wood, and even oak from old whiskey barrels, among others. iPhone and Android phone cases are available, as are walnut cufflinks, cedar tie clips, and solid cherry wood coasters. Engraving and inlays are available.