by Joe Henry | September 17, 2018
Backpacks have had a major resurgence in recent years, as companies offer high-quality, durable products specifically designed for the corporate class. And while satchels might have had their moment in the sun, a well-designed backpack lets you carry more and divides up the weight, so it creates way less stress on your already over-worked body.

First up, Tumi -- renowned for its handsome, yet bombproof suitcases -- has a whole line of backpacks designed to make life easy for the constant commuter. Within its famous Alpha 2 collection are the T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack and its slimmer sibling the Slim Solutions Brief Pack.

The Business Class Brief Pack is made of the indestructible ballistic nylon that characterizes many Tumi products. But there's also a lot of engineering within it designed to help laptop warriors who feel deprived when they're more than two feet from their laptop. It has a compartment designed to let travelers go through TSA checkpoints without removing their computer, accommodating devices of up to 15". 

If your carry-on needs are more modest, there's Tumi's Slim Solutions Brief Pack which gives its wearer a sleeker profile. It has a laptop pocket that can house a 15" computer and a tablet sleeve.

Both Brief Pack models have intelligently placed pockets designed to let you access things you need quickly  including pockets meant to house wet objects like water bottles or umbrellas. And both have a generous amount of padding to ensure you go about your day in utmost comfort.

Briggs & Riley is another great manufacturer of backpacks -- and their wares can be found through Incentive Concepts. The BRX Excursion backpack is specifically designed for active workers. Its main storage is built for quick and easy access and it has a padded laptop pocket. For a lighter, sleeker option, check out the Sympatico backpack for those who want to keep a more subtle profile.

Finally, for a complete different, more rugged look, get in touch with the corporate sales department at Saddleback Leather, which offers a multitude of tough leather and canvas goods. While your Tumi or Briggs & Riley backpacks don't scuff easily and always wipe clean, the leather packs from Saddleback are meant to show their wear and tear, and develop a rich patina over years of use. 

A great starting point is the simple backpack, which is highly durable as it's made of only two pieces of leather and has no breakable snaps, zippers or buttons.