May 01, 2013
5-13-moveRymax Marketing Services announced a new partnership that will bring Max Mirani luggage into the incentive channel last week. 

Max Mirani’s signature piece is the MOVE Mobile Closet 2, a hard-sided carry-on bag with a built-in cantilevered shelf system that keeps everything organized and accessible. The entire case can hang from a closet door. The packing system zips out to create a soft-sided tote bag, leaving the empty hard case to act as a second piece of luggage for people who like to come home with more than they packed. There is a removable shoe/laundry bag, and toiletries bag. 

The MOVE is made of tough, lightweight polycarbonate (it weighs 8.6 pounds total), comes in Brilliant Black or Mineral Red, and has a four-wheeled swivel design with a telescoping single handle, as well as a lifetime warranty. It retails for $379.