by Joe Henry | October 21, 2018
The season of holiday travel is nearly upon us and with it comes the need for a suitcase upgrade. While it's easy these days to hop online and buy a cheapo for under $100, don't count on it lasting -- especially if you have a staff full of hard-charging, plane-hopping employees who want their luggage to look nice and to survive the rigors of airline abuse.

In the end, it's considerably more reasonable to buy one high-quality suitcase for life, rather than to buy a new one every year or so. Just make sure you choose the right one.

Fortunately, incentive merchants know that traveling employees don't want to skimp on quality and have an assortment of suitcases designed for the constant commuter.

It's hard, for instance, to go wrong with a Tumi suitcase. Its Alpha 2 line of international and continental carry-ons provides both elegance and durability -- in the form of ballistic nylon construction, bumper guards, and an aluminum telescoping handle. 

But if you wanted a line of suitcases with a more feminine touch, Lipault suitcases are now available through Tumi's special markets division. Lipault suitcases are designed for anyone who appreciates clean, simple designs cut with astonishing functionality. 

Take the Urban Ballet, a light, expandable suitcase with smooth curves and 360-degree rotation that will help you float elegantly through crowds. Timeless, sleek and beautiful, the Urban Ballet harkens to an era when air travel was a treat, rather than a frustrating necessity. The beauty of the Urban Ballet is that it's the ultimate example of form meeting function, making it perfect for recreational travel as well as for business travel -- when you simply need your equipment to perform.

Or check out the Original Plume, a softshell spinner available in numerous bold, trendy colors. This four-wheeler with 360 degrees of rotation provides the ultimate in maneuverability -- and with it in tow, you'll be able to skim across bumps and curbs, slip around narrow corners and alleyways, and dash between crowds of commuters. 

Both Tumi and Lipault are owned by luggage giant Samsonite, which recently introduced the new Flexis Spinner -- a bag equipped to handle anything. It has a Quick Change outer pocket, allowing you to quickly stash your winter coat -- or whatever else you don't need at the moment. And it has a built-in USB port so you can keep your devices charged at all times.  

If you need an all-in-one carry-on, then the Flexis is it.