by Andrea Doyle | August 03, 2016
Incentive planners are finding they can add impact to their customized gifting experiences by incorporating an element of corporate social responsibility (CSR). By doing this, the company offering the gifts are perceived as caring, and employees feel a stronger sense of appreciation about working for organizations interested in more than just the bottom line.

These considerations have helped to drive Cotopaxi, a company that creates innovative outdoor products that move people to do good and inspire adventure. Founded in 2013, Cotopaxi's founders created the company with the goal being to build an innovative outdoor gear company that could make a difference, and today it designates 10 percent of its profits to help alleviate poverty around the world.

"Cotopaxi strongly believes in the power of business to drive social change," says Lindsey Kneuven, Cotopaxi's chief impact officer. "We are also compelled by the incredible power of adventure to connect the world."

From attractive-yet-durable backpacks (pictured above) and tote bags to jackets, t-shirts, and other accessories, all of Cotopaxi's products are available to the incentive market and can be custom-branded. Through the company's corporate sales program, logos can be embroidered, screen-printed, imprinted, or engraved on Cotopaxi gear. The products are guaranteed to last 61 years, the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world. If a product fails to meet expectations, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Those interested in learning more can visit or email the company

Another incentive supplier with a CSR slant is Looptworks, a Portland, OR-based company that builds all of its products from leftover materials. One line of its products incorporates former Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines seats into leather bags. Since these products are "upcycled," they offset the need for virgin leather, conserving gallons of water.

Duffel bags, totes, clutches, cross-body purses, messenger bags, passport wallets and bifold wallets are all in the Looptworks portfolio. Those interested in learning more can visit