by Donna M. Airoldi | June 21, 2011

Don’t want to wait for your 1960s retro fix until 2012, when episodes of Mad Men resume? You don’t have to. The new dramatic TV series Pan Am, which centers on pilots and stewardesses working for the now-defunct Pan American World Airways in 1963—during the golden era of air travel—kicks off on ABC in the fall. The show will star Christina Ricci.

Fans also will be able to travel in 1960s Jet Set style with Pan Am-branded luggage and travel accessories, thanks to Pan Am Brands, the former carrier’s intellectual property rights owner. The company has developed a line of more than 50 Pan Am-branded products, from luggage and carry-on bags to watches, cufflinks, passport holders, baggage tags, model planes, and T-shirts. Many items are accurate retro recreations; others are inspired by the 1960s but updated to contemporary standards.

The company expects the new ABC series to spur sales and raise awareness of Pan Am's place in history as the airline that led the world into the Jet Age. “Pan Am played a major role in making travel more accessible and in bringing American culture and politics to the world,” says Stacy Beck, Pan Am Brands' director of marketing and corporate development. “The program will bring back the excitement and style of the Jet Age and reinforce the glamour of the Pan Am brand."

The carrier’s famous bag, the Innovator (pictured), now part of Pan Am Brands' Originals collection, is highly regarded by collectors, says Beck. Pan Am used to give the carry-on to all of its first-class passengers. Today's version is available in 12- and 14-inch sizes and comes with a 50-inch adjustable strap. It retails for $75.

Other Pan Am-branded products include a gym bag for $189, passport covers for $24, and cufflinks made from parts of the fuselage of a Pan Am 707, for $220. For additional products and prices,