by Joe Henry | May 02, 2017
One of the most interesting new luggage companies is Bluesmart, which manufactures a smart suitcase designed to engage or open the TSA-approved lock via app, track itself with 3G cellular and GPS connectivity, and charge devices via a pair of USB ports attached to a built-in 10,400 mAh battery good for five to six Smartphone charges. 

The company has two products thus far. The Bluesmart One is its original spinner-wheel roll-on bag with all of the bells and whistles just described -- as well as a digital scale so it can be weighed via smartphone. It even has easy-access compartments so travelers can remove their laptops quickly to appease our TSA overlords. Made of hard-shell polycarbonate with a nylon front pocket with laptop storage, the 22-inch by 14-inch by 9-inch bag weighs in at 9.4 pounds. 

The more premium model is the Bluesmart Black, which has all of the technology of the Bluesmart One but with sturdier construction -- superior zippers, a tougher exterior, quieter wheels, and a double layer polyurethane coating resistant to water and abrasion. The same size and weight as the original, this suitcase is for people who want a tricked-out suitcase, but who also have the tendency -- as many heavy travelers do -- to abuse their luggage.

The Bluesmart One retails for $339, and  the Bluesmart Black for $509.