by Joe Henry | June 06, 2017
Every homeowner goes through the frustration of things breaking down. Pipes burst, roofs leaks, windows shatter, doors stick, and locks need changing. But fixing it themselves isn't always an option, especially without the right tools. 

Fortunately, incentive merchants stock more than enough hardware for any intrepid homeowner to fill up their toolbox (Though word to the wise: Leave the plumbing and the electrical work to the experts). And new products are constantly becoming available.

In May, Rymax Marketing Services entered an exclusive partnership with Yale Locks & Hardware. Yale has a lock-making legacy that extends all the way back to 1840. But that history certainly hasn't kept the company from innovating. Take the Assure Lock with Bluetooth -- part of Yale's line of keyless locks. 

This quick-to-install product lets you unlock doors using an app on your smartphone. Also, it fully integrates into a smart home -- provided its connected via Samsung's SmartThings hub. Once connected, users can control the Assure Lock not only with their smartphone, but also via Amazon Alexa's voice controls. 

Of course, homeowners will need the tools to install their Assure Lock. In that case, look no further than Black & Decker, a mainstay in the world of incentive merchants. Look for Black & Decker products from companies like Rymax Marketing, Incentive Concepts, and MJM Incentives

Black & Decker 41-Piece Project Kit
Some of the most popular Black & Decker products are the bundles, like the 41 piece project kit with a 3.6-volt lithium screwdriver. This includes a hammer, adjustable wrench, pliers, a tape measure, project knife and a carrying bag. And of course it comes with a lithium screwdriver with a battery that holds a charge for up to 18 months. It's the ideal toolkit for homeowners who need to handle a variety of simple home handyman tasks.

But Black & Decker isn't the only tool manufacturer who plays heavily in incentive markets. Top Brands, for instance, has numerous products from Apex Tool Group. For more serious DIYer, one of the most complete sets is the 170-piece mechanics tool set. 

This very large set, packaged in a sturdy plastic case, includes an adjustable wrench, a socket wrench with multiple adapters and sockets, Allen wrenches, multiple screwdrivers, and needle nose pliers. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.