by Joe Henry | October 17, 2017

Everybody loves snow, right up until they get old enough for Dad to hand them the snow shovel and say, "Time to earn that allowance."

So if your star employees don't have kids in the house, and you don't want them snowed in at home, or becoming one of the many, many Americans who throw out their back while shoveling, be sure there are a number of trusted snow throwers in your incentive program's awards catalog.

For something lightweight and easy-to-use? The Snow Joe iON 18-inch cordless snow blower weighs in at a mere 32 pounds. But don't mistake its feathery weight for delicacy: the Snow Joe iON can move nearly 500 pounds of snow per minute, throwing the cold stuff up to 20 feet while clearing a path 18 inches wide by eight inches deep with each pass.

The Snow Joe iON also starts with just a push of a button, so there's no wrestling with pull cords or the like in subzero temperatures. And when the battery finally drains down? Simply pop it out and bring it inside for a quick recharge. The Snow Joe iON is available through Rymax Marketing Services.

Another great option is the Black+Decker 40 volt brushless lithium snow thrower. This one comes in at 46 pounds, so it's a little heavier than the Snow Joe. But it also has a push button starter and can hurl snow up to 20 feet.

While the Black+Decker can handle a moderate load of wet, heavy snow, it really shines with the light, fluffier stuff. Additionally, it's designed to be particularly easy to assemble, so users should have it out of the box and running without breaking a sweat. The Black+Decker can be sourced from Power Sales.

Now if you're clearing through heavy, wet snow - the cement-like kind you get late in the season or in slightly warmer climes -- then you'll need a real crustbuster. For that, check out Troy-Bilt's Storm 2420 Two-State snow thrower, availabile from Incentive Concepts. This one comes with a clog-resistant chute, 13-inch heavy-duty tires, and easy-to-use operability which lets you steer it with just one hand.

Unlike the Black and Decker and Snow Joe, the Troy-Bilt is a gas-powered machine with a pullcord startup. But it is built for toughness, and has a 24-inch clearing width and six forward speeds, so it can handle nearly any conditions.