by Joe Henry | July 25, 2017
There comes a time when every homeowner feels the need to class up the joint. Out goes the cheap particleboard furniture, the cabinets with the saggy shelves, the chipped coffee table, and in comes the new, expensive pieces, made of hardwood and polished so brilliantly you can see your reflection in the finish. 

But it's hard to know where to start, so a good incentive program should have lots of options for employees hoping to add some expensive new furniture to their home. The easiest place to start is with the furniture you see most frequently -- namely, whatever the television is sitting on. 

Add a touch of elegance with Salamander Designs' Chameleon Hampton 339 A/V Cabinet (pictured). This beauty, which has a distressed black finish, is designed to accommodate flat-panel TVs up to 65". While the Chameleon Hampton might look like just another TV stand, it's got a lot of subtle design cues that ensure a consistent and hassle-free A/V experience. 

These include an aluminum frame to ensure durability, a removable speaker grill in the upper part of the cabinet and four shelves -- three adjustable and one fixed -- so consumers can store their various entertainment apparatuses. Moreover, it has enough space to hold up to six components. It's also well-vented so there should be no fear of any electronics overheating.

For a stand with a bit more of a vertical profile, there's ClassicFlame's 60" wide A/V Fireplace Stand. While the fireplace insert is a separate buy, the stand itself can hold a 65" display, has two glass-panel doors, an open shelf, and is easy to assemble with just a Philips screwdriver. 

Both stands -- as well as numerous fireplace inserts from ClassicFlame -- are available through Capitol Sales

If these furnishings seem a bit too modern, however, and your employee wants to add a gothic element to their abode, they should consider the Reagan Floor Clock by Howard Miller. This grandfather clock has a rich cherry finish, distressed to create the illusion of wizened age. It also has brass accents and intricate details that create its old money look.

But to really pull off the look of familial wealth, you'll need a humidor. The Reagan is a top-notch electronic humidor that can house up to 4,000 cigars. Each side has its own temperature and humidity settings, so it can be adjusted for cigars of all types and ages. And like the grandfather clock, it has a rich cherry finish and crown molding. 

It's the perfect accessory following a trip to Cuba.

Both the grandfather clock and the humidor can be had through All Star Incentive Marketing.