June 08, 2011

Incentive merchandise provider Lapine, Inc. announced that it has teamed with Lava Lite LLC, the only manufacturer of the trademarked Lava Lamp, to bring the groovy retro product to the incentive market.

“Since its introduction in 1965, Lava Lamp has become an American icon, and we are excited for the opportunity to further grow its reach by teaming with Lapine in the premium market,” says Clay Farnsworth, vice president of sales for Lava Lite.

Lapine will offer Lava Lite’s signature Lava Lamp collection (starting at MSRP $24.99), as well as the following lines:

Aquarium Lava Lamps – In this collection of non-heat lamps, realistic-looking fish voyage through the bubbling blue liquid inside a Lava Lamp-shaped tank. MSRP: $29.99

Expressions Mood Lighting – This new line of lighting options includes unusually shaped lamps that have modern flair. MSRP: various

Color Phasing Vortex Glitter Lamps – These motorized lamps create a sparkling crystal effect, as LED lights change color magically from blue to green to red. MSRP: $24.99

Multiple decorative capabilities range from imprinted logos to fully customized waxes and bases with large quantities. To learn more about Lava Lite’s full product line, visit www.lapineinc.com/lava.