by Joe Henry | July 18, 2017
As any working parent knows, it's not easy getting from point A to point B with kids in tow. Children might be small but add all the infrastructure needed to support them, and suddenly you're lugging around something the size of a large man. But you don't need to get a huge backpack or second stroller just for "stuff." Here are four products that add wheels to parents, children, and wanna-be children.

For instance, there's the Baby Jogger Summit X3 single stroller. This is a stroller for parents who need to get a run in before they start their day at work. It has a suspension system that absorbs the shock of the road, a hand brake so it can be controlled on rugged terrain, and is designed for easy maneuverability, even one-handed. It's also got an easy, quick fold-up so it can be stashed away or assembled in a hurry.  

As kids get older, of course, they'll want to be ambulatory on their own -- and won't want mom and dad pushing them around. In that case, check out the Steer and Stroll Coupe from Radio Flyer (ages 1 1/2 to 4). This attractive red car has working doors, lights and sounds and can go three ways: kids can scoot along inside, Flintstones' style, or they or their parents can push it via an extending rear handle that adjusts for both tykes and adults. It even works as a stroller replacement. As you'd expect from Radio Flyer, this toy is highly durable, and designed to hold up for many years of wear, tear, and extra hard play.

Older kids (age 8 and up) might be interested in the California Longboard Scooter from Razor. It has an extra-long plywood deck, large wheels, and a rear fender brake -- and its adjustable handlebars is made for riders both short and tall. In other words, it can be used easily by both children and adults. Also, it has a steel frame, so it's designed for stability. Indeed, the larger wheels and larger distance between wheels thanks to the extended deck guarantee a smooth ride, even over cracked pavement. 

The stroller, push car, and scooter are all available through Rymax Marketing Services.

Now, for kids who've grown into real daredevils, there's the Hype two-wheel hoverboard. These are available through the corporate sales department of Bed, Bath and Beyond. These two-wheel motorized boards are designed for maneuverability, and certain models -- like the Hover-1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter offered at Bed, Bath and Beyond -- can go nine miles, or three hours, on a single charge.