by Joe Henry | August 07, 2018
A neatly trimmed lawn is the sign of an ordered household. But let's be honest: lawnmowers aren't usually top of mind when it comes to a person's must-have list. They're necessities, not luxuries and few people want to spend their day trying to figure out which mower would best suit their needs. 

As an employer, you can take that burden off the shoulders of your power employees by gifting them the perfect mower. For the employee with a really big lawn you'll want to look into the Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 zero-turn riding lawnmower, available through Incentive Concepts

Besides a beastly V-Twins Briggs & Stratton engine, it has 360-degree maneuverability to make sure you mow fast and can edge every corner, all while you avoid decimating your precious sprinkler system. 

Also, the steering system is designed to provide utmost control on hilly or uneven terrain  so never worry about letting this mower get out of hand. In fact, with its dual suspension, it'll provide a smooth and comfortable ride throughout its use. 

Also available through Incentive Concepts is the Cub Cadet 50-inch garden tractor. It has a 25 HP Kohler V-Twin OHV engine. It can tow, mulch, move in reverse, and even has a cup holder so you can keep a cold beer on hand as you do chores during a hot summer day. The Cub Cadet is practically a lawn chair with blades. 

For those with smaller lawns and who are more environmentally conscientious, there's the Sun Joe 17-inch electric mower from Rymax Marketing Services. With a 12-amp engine and push-to-start functionality, it's light and easy-to-use. And without gas and oil, there's less mess and less stink.