by Joe Henry | April 18, 2018
Face it, the microwave is unsexy -- but it's also the cooking appliance many people use most on a day to day basis, so you want it to be the best you can buy. 

First up, the Breville Quick Touch BMO734XL, which is 1100 watts with a capacity of 34 liters. This is the perfect appliance for people tired of inconsistent performance. Sometimes you put in a snack for a minute and it comes out cold, other times it smolders so badly the fire alarm goes off. But the Breville Quick Touch has dynamic power adjustment letting its users change power levels. 

It has up to ten different levels, so power can fluctuate from 10 percent to 100 percent. And an interior sensor lets users reheat and cook food easily by automatically adjusting the cooking time. The Breville is available through PMC/Almo

Also available through the same merchant is the Cuisinart CMW-200, which is 1000 watts with a capacity of 34 liters. It's the best microwave for those who like to heat up foods of a particular aroma. Its interior is designed to absorb odors, making for easy cleaning, and it has a 12-inch rotating glass tray and a reversible rack for grilling. It also has convection bake and roasting features, so it's truly an all-in-one cooking appliance. 

For those who need something a little bigger, there's LG's 57 liter over-the-range microwave, available through Harco Incentives. This one is built for ease-of-use. Simply enter a food item code and let the microwave figure out the rest. It has a curved interior to accommodate its large 16" turntable as well as plates. 

And a sensor detects humidity levels and tweaks cooking times and power levels. Finally, it has a coated interior, making wipe-downs particularly simple.