by Joe Henry | December 12, 2016
What a time to be alive for coffee lovers! Never has there been a better and more available selection of coffee and coffee-making products. And even if you aren't a gourmand, and are perfectly fine snatching a simple cup of mud from the office pot, we can all agree that coffee is a crucial component of a productive workday.

No wonder higher-end coffee makers are heavily redeemed these days. 

"Across the retail industry, gourmet and fancier coffees have just exploded," said Eric Anderson, director of sales at Almo. "And the people who go to Starbucks spending five bucks a day can make a nicer cup of coffee at home."

Especially popular are higher-end multipurpose coffee makers from companies like Breville and DeLongi. The Breville Barista Express for instance is a gorgeous machine designed for people who love a hot cup of espresso, but don't want to go through the hassle that's usually required in making it. It has a built-in, adjustable burr grinder, electronic temperature control and a dedicated hot water outlet.

If the Barista Express is a little too tony, Breville also has the Infuser Espresso machine. While the Infuser is meant to be slightly a more accessible espresso maker, it actually has some features associated with more luxe machines, like programmable buttons and an attractive stainless steel casing.

DeLonghi also has multiple options for coffee loves. The PrimaDonna S Deluxe, for instance, is capable of making not just espressos but also cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. It also has a built-in grinder and customizable settings to ensure consistency.

But sometimes, you just need a cup of coffee. Consider then the DeLonghi Combination Coffee, Cappuccino, and Espresso machine -- a three-in-one device that makes what its name promises. 

Need something even simpler -- say, a machine that just makes a great cup of coffee? DeLonghi's 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Complete Frontal Access makes it easy to fill the water tank and toss the coffee filter. The accompanying carafe is also designed to preserve as much heat as possible, to ensure your coffee is always piping hot.

For a coffee maker that might also serve as a conversation piece, check out KitchenAid's 8-Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer. Siphon brewing is a less-common way of preparing coffee, as it involves using pressure from vapors to push hot water upward into a container of coffee grounds. In other words, it's a complicated, drawn-out process, but you can tell a gullible observer that it's powered by magic. And it's the perfect item for someone who wants to make a big to-do of their daily java.