by Joe Henry | October 26, 2018
The shortening of the day and the encroachment of Autumn means one thing for anyone with a yard to maintain: Leaves. Lots and lots of leaves that homeowners have to go out deal with while maintaining the foliage as much as possible.

There's leaf blowing, raking, burning, and log splitting that needs doing!

Fortunately, incentive merchants have tons to offer to ensure the cold weather chores get done as quickly as possible. Rymax Marketing Services for instance has tons of offerings from Sun Joe and Worx. 

For employees whose yardwork needs are relatively light, who might need an easy-to-store all-in-one tool to whip out of the shed every week or so and give the patio a quick dusting, there's the Sun Joe Electric 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher. It's the ultimate in easy leaf clean-up, with its incredible 13-amp motor generating 240 miles per hour of airflow. If that's too much, the Sun Joe 3-in-1 blower has six adjustable wind settings. 

It also has a powerful suction and mulcher, so you can suck up and compost detritus, instead of simply blowing it around. And the beauty of it all? The Sun Joe 3-in-1 is electric, meaning it's easy to start and runs quiet. It's the perfect option for people who want to do yardwork quickly, without fuss, and without waking up the neighborhood.

Another option is the Worx 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless blower. Easy to use with a single hand, this powerful machine will blow your driveway clean of all of Autumn's dying wonders. It's perfect for those who need to work fast but want their machine to work hard.

For those who prefer the purring power of old-fashioned gas, there's the Troy-Bilt 2-Cycle Gas Blower and Vac. It has a JumpStart engine, so no need for a pull cord and it's designed to produce a tremendous amount of airflow but with enough control so users can direct it more precisely, so you don't end up blowing leaves every which way across the lawn. 

The Troy-Bilt can be purchased through Incentive Concepts

But what if your lawn is beset upon by more than leaves and twigs? What if you've got an actual tree that needs to be chopped and split so its wood can be burned during the coldest months to keep your family warm and cozy? No worries, Incentive Concepts also has the Troy-Bilt Deluxe Log Splitter. 

This gas-powered beast will split logs up to 25 inches, using 27 tons of RAM force. If you've got a lot of wood to split and only a little time to do it, the Troy-Bilt Deluxe LS27TB will make you feel like the most productive person on the planet.