by Joe Henry | November 08, 2016
Whether you're out camping in the wilderness or need to tighten a screw without trudging all the way back to the garage to get a screwdriver, multi-tools and flashlights are something everyone wants and needs.

Modern multitools were invented by Leatherman, and the company's most popular model is still its traditional Wave multitool, which has 17 tools embedded within. These include the ubiquitous pliers (both regular and needlenose) that Leatherman devices are known for, wirecutters, wirestrippers, a saw, and a flat screwdriver as well as socket that can hold a multitude of bits. It also has normal and serrated knives that can be easily snapped out single-handedly. Sturdy and well-designed, Leatherman intended the Wave for everyday people.

One of Leatherman's newest and hottest devices is the Tread, says Brad Cullen, director of sales at the Leatherman Tool Group. Just a couple of years old, it looks like the thick metal band of a watch, but it's actually a wearable multitool -- and it's as close to Batman's utility belt as you can possibly get. 

It's equipped with 29 tools including a Phillips and slotted screwdriver, hex drivers of different sizes, a pick to extract the SIM card from your phone, box wrenches of different sizes, wrenches, a hook to slice open packages (or seatbelts), an adapter for a socket wrench, and a bottle opener. Yes, it looks improbable but all of those devices are really embedded neatly into a bracelet, and the user can add or remove links as desired. What the Tread does not have is a knife blade, making it suitable for security lines.

Of course, if it's dark outside, a Leatherman won't do you much good. Best take along the Celestron Elements ThermoTorch 5. Carried by Rymax Marketing Services, it's a 3-in-1 multitool -- the most prominent of which is a 300 lumen flashlight. It's also a hand warmer, which can provide six hours of heat up to 114°F. And it has a smartphone recharger, powerful enough to juice up your phone twice. And this thing is rugged, meant for those most at home in the great outdoors. It's water resistant and meant to withstand the grime, falls, and other mishaps that happen in the wild. 

For something more traditional, consider a flashlight in Bushnell's Rubicon line. These are housed in aircraft-grade aluminum and are all water-resistant. There is a wide variety of models, from rechargeable units, to a bright 152-lumen compact model, to a blaring, 1080 lumen full-sized model.

In the flashlight product line, the revolutionary that brought handheld illumination into the modern era is Maglite, which became a direct supplier in the incentive and promotion space in 2013. One of its biggest models is the ML300L 6-Cell D LED Flashlight, a 50 ounce baton that fires a beam of light up 415 meters.