by Andrea Doyle | November 11, 2010
Give Them Chocolate

Lake Champlain Chocolates  are preservative-free and kosher-certified, and are made in small batches with select natural ingredients. The firm is based in Burlington, VT, and has a solution at every price point. For example, one of its most popular gifts is the 15-piece Selection box, which sells for just $29. In addition to the high quality and taste of the chocolate itself, Lake Champlain offers customized gift cards, beautiful packaging, volume discounts.

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?
Giving your recipients the gift of time for their holiday gatherings will be a hit with the Lacoste GOA collection. These stylish watches are available in a wide variety of brightly colored rubber straps and cases and are water resistant to 99 feet.
A Water Droplet That Tells the Time 
The Smiley  is the eco-friendly Bedol Water Alarm Clock from the innovative design company Bedol What’s Next. This water-powered clock does its part to reduce our carbon footprint by running on tap water alone. No batteries are required. It is appropriately sculpted in the shape of a water droplet and boasts up to 16 weeks or more of uninterrupted operation between water changes. It comes in six vibrant colors and is a practical and fun accessory for any home or office. 

Sundae Smiles 

Greyston  is no ordinary bakery.  Founded in 1982, it employs more than 65 community residents through an open hiring policy that offers the opportunity for real economic stability through training, fair wages, and benefits. All profits support the Greyston Foundation’s community development works. 
Greyston has teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to create the Ultimate Brownie Sundae Kit. The kit offers two (The Double) or four (The Quadruple) ice cream bowls with four Do-Goodie Brownies, one ice cream scoop, one Ben & Jerry’s free pint coupon, and a recipe card—the perfect holiday combination of good taste and goodwill.

Are You Game?


Crisloid, the internationally known, third-generation American manufacturer of high-quality classic games, offers unique and customizable corporate gifts. From hand-polished, marbleized checkers to beautifully crafted custom backgammon boards bearing a company logo, these games are gifts that will be appreciated for years to come—perfect for both entertainment and presentation.

A camera is often an integral part of a family celebration, and the pictures it produces will be reminders of the company that rewarded it. A new camera will be welcomed at holiday gatherings. Canon’s  new 10-megapixel PowerShot SD4500 IS has a 10x optical zoom with optical image stabilization, providing the power to shoot distant subjects with sharp precision. 

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Beautiful Gift Basket 
Delectable chocolate truffles…flaky bakery treats…an exquisite bottle of wine. High-end luxury products are savored even more in a down economy., which began 33 years ago as simply 1-800-Flowers and is based in Carle Place, NY, has quietly unveiled a new brand,, and redesigned its Web site to give that brand equal billing. One of its many baskets geared for the season is the “Victorian Holiday Gift Basket,” is a beautifully hand-woven, two-tone seagrass basket bursting with a holiday bounty of delights, including Fannie May Pixies Cocoa, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Seattle’s Best Vanilla Flavored Coffee, a Lindt Extra Fine Dark Chocolate Bar, merlot olives, honey roasted almonds, a Perugina Dark Chocolate Bar with Caramel and more. 

Gifts with Vision

Ketra Oberlander, who is legally blind, is not only a skilled artist but is the founder of Art of Possibility Studios, which helps other disabled artists. Oberlander started complaining about her vision at the age of 37 and by 40 was legally blind. Compelled to express her creativity after years as a writer and editor, she picked up a paint brush and started a second career as an artist. A few years later she founded her company to help other artists in similar situations. Her online store features the works of Art of Possibility artists. They include stationery, cards, home fashion, and jewelry. Our favorite: novelty domino pendants emblazoned with beautiful designs in vibrant colors. These award-winning blind painters are working together and creating opportunity for themselves and other physically disabled artists.   

E-Readers: Not Just for Bookworms
Look around any bus, plane, or train these days and you’ll see an increasing number of people toting along a reading device that wirelessly downloads books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. E-readers are one of the hottest gifts for 2010. continues to improve its Kindle, Barnes & Noble is coming on strong with its Nook, Apple has the iPad, and also popular is the Sony Reader. 

Got the Picture?

Digital Foci  offers a portable digital photo album with a crystal clear, high-resolution eight-inch 800x600 color digital LCD screen with 4GB of internal memory, and music and slideshow capability. This Photo Book has a sleek design encased in a soft leather-like case for an elegant photo album that makes an attractive first impression.  It’s ideal for passing around and you change the page with the click of a button.
Digital Foci products include digital picture frames, photo displays, storage devices, and card readers for transfer, storage, and management optimized for any setting where you choose to enjoy your digital content.