by Joe Henry | August 20, 2018
There are tons of household items that your high-performing employees might be interesting in getting as gifts but might not be top-of-mind. Air purifiers, air conditioners, wine aerators and clothes steamers all fall into the category of household items that can greatly improve one's quality of life but aren't usually the first thing one thinks of when developing gifts for corporate incentives.

But give these items a second chance: one of the delights of gift-receiving is discovering something that soon becomes indispensable, even if it isn't the top item on a wish list. 

For instance, everyone from wine aficionados to those who only imbibe a glass or two will find their tasting experience immensely lifted by the Aervana luxury wine aerator. Not only does this device look sleek and attractive, it's easy to use with just the push of a button, unlocking the best flavors and aromas from your favorite bottle, reducing the tannins and acidity so you can savor even the most subtle flavors. 

Another great reward is the CHI easy steam garment steamer. Often, suits and other work clothes get taken unnecessarily to the dry cleaner, which is expensive and damages fine cloth, when all they need is to be freshened up a little. The CHI steamer does just that easily. Simply hang the steamer on a door, slip the garment inside, and fill up the detachable water reservoir at the sink. Lightweight garments like shirts and blouses only need to be in there for two or three minutes. And when you're not using it, the CHI steamer compacts for easy storage.

Or get the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold air purifier, which is a real triple treat in that it enables air purification, heating and cooling. The purifier is smart as it automatically assesses the air inside one's home and purifies when necessary. It's the perfect all-in-one device for people who want the perfect environment at all times.

The Aervana wine aerator, CHI steamer and Dyson purifier can all be purchased through Power Sales.

For those who need a really powerful air conditioner, there's the Frigidaire FFTH1422R2, which is designed for installation through a wall. It's designed to cool a room of up to 700 square feet. This spectacular machine cools rooms quickly on hot days and does so quietly, so users won't have to hear it rattling around. 

The Frigidaire FFTH1422R2 can be purchased through PMC Almo.