by Joe Henry | September 10, 2018
Among the newest home products that award winners have been scooping up are the latest devices for getting your cooking done quickly. Take for instance air fryers -- a new type of kitchen appliance that uses hot air to fry food. 

"They're one of the hottest selling small appliances," said Jim Valenti, director of merchandising and replenishment at Hinda Incentives. "People love them because they do such a good job and there's little to no oil. That's an exploding category."

Hinda stocks the NuWave air fryer, and Valenti says his company is selling tons of them at the moment. The NuWave air fryer uses super-heated air and ultra-fast circulation to perfectly cook all foods.

Another fantastic cooking product is the Instant Pot -- a unique invention that can saut, bake, stew, slow-cook and pressure cook. And it's also the hottest new houseware product to come along since the George Foreman Grill, according to Mike Donini, senior buyer at Maritz Motivation Solutions. The Instant Pot the sort of all-in-one device that makes cooking easy -- where recipes that ordinarily take hours to prep and stew take a fraction of that time.  

Other great cooking devices can be found in the Mr. Bar-B-Q (formerly Blue Rhino) line of outdoor grills, said Andy Hudson of Incentive Concepts. Its line of outdoor firebowls, columns, mantels and heaters will class up any outdoor space are proving popular. They provide enough warmth for you to continue your outdoor festivities even as the leaves turn and the air cools.