Home Furnishings and Housewares

Entertaining At Home

by Joe Henry | May 30, 2017
Incentive awards that will make avid home entertainers shine.

De-Stress With Pampering Rewards

by Joe Henry | May 09, 2017

Three products that will bring spa-level pampering home.

Vacuuming Up Incentive Awards

by Joe Henry | April 18, 2017
From Shop Vac to Dyson, here are some dirt-busters that will get incentive participants eager to clean up.

Microwaving With Class

by Joe Henry | April 04, 2017
Three choices, ranging from "college student" through "serious chef."

Backyard Décor

by Joe Henry | February 28, 2017
Tis the season for outdoor furniture for adults and for children.

The Taming of the Lawn

by Joe Henry | February 15, 2017
From chainsaws to tractors, here're some incentive awards that will make your top achievers proud to sit out on the back deck.

Making a Better Cup of Joe

by Joe Henry | December 12, 2016
High-end home coffee and espresso makers are popular awards.

Last-Minute Corporate Gifting Ideas

by Joe Henry | December 05, 2016
The holidays are upon us, and here are some business-gift ideas to consider.

Survival of the Fittest

by Joe Henry | November 08, 2016
Multitools and flashlights for every belt.

Cooking Up Luxury Awards

by Joe Henry | August 22, 2016
Kitchen goods are more popular than ever, as trophies as well as necessities.

The Write Stuff

by Melinda Ligos | June 13, 2016
Pens and journals are making a statement both on and off the runway.

Rowenta Intense Pure Air Filter

by Leo Jakobson | April 05, 2016
A four-stage filter takes care of the smallest particles, and even filters formaldehyde.