by Leo Jakobson | February 12, 2014
As more and more business travelers switch from laptops to tablets as their go-to working device when on the road, Bluetooth keyboards are becoming an intrinsic part of the standard travel kit. After all, it's hard to get work done when half the screen is taken over by a keyboard.

Certainly the coolest option (and likely the most crowd-gathering) is the Epic Mobile Projection Keyboard from Celluon. A small rectangle perhaps twice the size of a Zippo lighter, Epic fits easily in the palm of your hand. It projects a standard-sized, red keyboard of light onto any flat surface, and lets you type by "touching" the keys. It connects via Bluetooth to Apple iOS, Android, Windows XP, and Blackberry, as well as tablets or smartphones.

On display at the Rymax Marketing Services booth at the PPAI Expo’s "brand." pavilion, the Epic laser keyboard is definitely an attention getter, and it does work, although there will be a learning curve for fast touch-typists. It also doubles as a virtual multi-touch mouse, and the battery is good for more than two hours.