by Leo Jakobson | September 22, 2015
 Tomorrow is the first day of fall, and that means cold air is on the horizon. As cold air is also dry air, that means dry skin, dry hair, and dry eyes. And that means its time to start thinking about humidifiers. 

Vaccuum-maker Dyson's new entry deals with one of the dirty secrets of humidifiers: unless you are one of the small percentage of users who actually washes it daily, the warm, damp machines' water tanks and filters often make them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. 

The Dyson Humidifier marries the company's stylish and silent Air Multiplier bladeless-fan with Ultraviolet Cleanse technology that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, ensuring that the moist healthy air it creates is actually healthy. The powerful fan also ensures the moisture is well distributed throughout the room.

Beyond this, the Dyson Humidifier measures the ambient temperature and humidity, keeping the air in your home at the optimal 40 to 60 percent moisture.

The Dyson Humidifier retails for $499.99 and is available from Power Sales in the premium and incentive channel.