by Melinda Ligos | June 13, 2016
Need a writing instrument to go with that evening gown? How about a fountain pen glistening with gold accents and Swarovski crystals, or a platinum-plated rollerball? Long a staple of celebrity gifting suites, high-end pens have become so en vogue that some fashionistas consider them statement pieces, similar to high-end jewelry or watches. "Having a fine writing instrument that's on trend is not only professional, but also a great accessory to anyone's wardrobe," says Tiffany Arhin, Western Region Sales Manager for A.T. Cross Company.

Indeed, high-end pens are so stylish that one pen company debuted a dress made of 200 clicker pens to kick off Fashion Week in New York City last year.

For its part, A.T. Cross has introduced the Cross Peerless Citizen Special Edition Collection, inspired by three ionic cities: London, New York and Tokyo. The 23K gold-plated London version mimics the Gothic Revival architecture of the Elizabeth Tower; the engraved platinum plate New York City model represents the Art Deco architecture of the Chrysler building; and the Tokyo edition, with its steely satin black finish, evokes the Neo-Futuristic architecture of the Skytree Tower. Each pen has a Swarovski crystal set into the conical top and features deep-cut engravings of the buildings' architectural details.

Arhin says the pens are popular as years of service awards, recognition gifts and room drops at upscale meetings.

Journals, too, can make fashion statements, and this one makes an eco-friendly statement as well. The paper inside the ApPeel Medio journal from Castelli North America is made from, you guessed it, apple pulp and other vegetable fibers that were previously discarded. The covers are made from apple peels and recycled leather that can be debossed or foil stamped. "The corporate world is really embracing this journal" as both an incentive and a high-end giveaway, says Fran Ford, president of Castelli North America. "Executives love to be able to offer an Italian journal that is both fashionable and also expresses their stance on the environment."