by Leo Jakobson | April 16, 2012
Of course Hammacher Schlemmer has a tabletop cotton candy maker available. After all, this is the granddaddy of all online gadgets and gear, since the company has spent 164 years making its name by building a catalog of both the useful and the delightfully quirky—current products range from the $154 Best Enameled Cast Iron Skillet to the $100,000 Killer Whale Submarine

At any rate, the company says the cotton candy maker spins carnival-worthy cotton candy in your own home from a colorful device roughly the size of a basketball. The machine is safe enough for even children to operate—simply add granulated sugar to the heating chamber and in a few minutes it will produce wisps of the feathery confection that you can collect on a chopstick or straw. Granulated sugar and food coloring are all it takes (although an ample supply of Wet Naps might be a good idea, if memory serves). The red bowl, plastic shield, and sugar container are dishwasher friendly, and a measuring scoop is included. 

The Tabletop Cotton Candy Maker retails for $69.95, and is currently one of the selected products on which the company's incentive division will include a one-color imprint at no additional cost. 

For more information, visit Hammacher Schlemmer's Corporate Gifts & Incentives site