August 09, 2011
Blount Inc., a longtime supplier of chainsaw blades and chains, has unveiled its first entry into the full tool market with the Oregon PowerNow 40V Max cordless chainsaw

With its massive lithium ion battery pack, the PowerNow 40V Max is said to take the cordless chainsaw to a new level: it's claimed to be as powerful as a gas-powered chainsaw, which means it can do a lot more than lop off small branches. While it is aimed at homeowners and not pros, the PowerNow 40V Max has the power to cut down a tree or break up one toppled in a storm. When used on small branches in the two- to three-inch range, it can make up to 250 cuts on a single charge with its Endurance battery pack. 

The Oregon PowerNow 40V Max is also quieter in use than a gas or corded saw and is silent between cuts, says its manufacturer. It weighs in at a bantamweight 11 pounds. And it starts instantly, compared to gas-powered saws and their pull cords. It also comes with PowerSharp, a patent-pending, built-in chain sharpener that can be activated by pulling an integrated level for three to five seconds while the chain is running. 

The PowerNow 40V MAX chainsaw kit with Endurance battery pack saw kit includes the 40V MAX chainsaw, a 14-inch guide bar, a PowerSharp chain, an Endurance battery pack, and a charger. It retails for $499, $399 with a standard battery pack.