by Joe Henry | October 10, 2017
There comes a time in everyone's life to part ways with the IKEA furniture of their bachelor/bachelorette years and bring a more mature, refined aesthetic to their home. Certainly employees with years of good work under their belt want their home life to reflect their professional accomplishments. 

So a great incentive program should always stock quality home furnishings. Incentive Concepts offers furniture from Magnussen, which provides numerous bedroom suites to accommodate almost any aesthetic. The Kenley full-size suite, for instance, is a bright, airy furniture set perfect for new parents. It includes a changing station that doubles as a nightstand, a bed with a bookcase headboard, a five-drawer chest, and a seven-drawer dresser with a portrait mirror.

Similarly, the Riley set (pictured) includes furniture with the same construction, but with a darker finish, creating a look that's a little more studious. Both sets can be purchased through Incentive Concepts.

Harco Incentives can finish it off with Brookstone Outlast temperature-regulating comforter, which absorbs and releases body heat, ensuring the perfect sleep. It comes in twin, full, queen, and long.

Let's not forget man's best friend. Certainly Fido is perfectly happy sleeping on the floor, or on the ratty dog cushion he's had since puppyhood. But a great dog owner will want to pamper her pet, and the best way to do it is to provide your canine with a bed befitting his kingly personality. Enchanted Home Pet promises "a new breed of pet furniture" -- and wholeheartedly delivers on this promise. 

For larger dogs of up to 100 pounds, there's the Ultra Plush Outlaw Bed. This classy dog bed is a rich brown, so it works well with practically any type of décor. It has sturdy wood frame and a removable cover atop a 34-inch by 32-inch memory foam cushion. 

For owners of small dogs, there's the Brisbane Tufted Bed, for pets up to 30 pounds. Two feet high and made of faux leather, this luxurious couch looks like it belongs in a classy lounge or cigar room. With either of these two beds -- both available through Rymax Marketing Solutions, pets will sleep better than their owners.