Home Furnishings and Housewares

Hot Home Goods

by Joe Henry | September 10, 2018
From air fryers to fire pits, here are some of the most popular merchandise awards for the home.

Incenting Better Quality of Life

by Joe Henry | August 20, 2018
From air purifiers to wine aerators, four household items you may not know you need.

Mowers for Any Lawn

by Joe Henry | August 07, 2018
From hand-push electric mowers for the front yard to riding mowers for a small ballfield, here are three of the best.

A Better Office

by Joe Ryan | May 31, 2018

Rewards to enhance incentive winners' workspaces.

A Better Wine Experience

by Joe Henry | April 24, 2018
Whether you want to store or pour, here are award options with a fine bouquet.

Heating Up Microwave Ovens

by Joe Henry | April 18, 2018
The ubiquitous appliance does not have to fade into your kitchen's background.

Small Appliances for Serious Kitchens

by Joe Henry | March 13, 2018
From vacuum sealers to meat grinders, unusual awards for the aspiring chef.

Making Cleaning a Blast

by Joe Henry | February 20, 2018

House vacuums can make for popular incentive items.

Crafting the Perfect Kitchen

by Joe Henry | February 06, 2018
From pasta makers to tea brewers, four luxuries your winners can't live without.

Cooking Up Something Special

by Joe Henry | November 21, 2017

Workers will be extra inspired by quality cookware during the holidays.

A High-Tech Servant to Clean Your Home

by Joe Henry | November 07, 2017
Why break a sweat scrubbing the floors and vacuuming the rugs, when a robot can do it for you?

Snow Throwers Will Blow Away Incentive Winners

by Joe Henry | October 17, 2017
If your dreams of a White Christmas revolve around digging out the driveway, snow throwers are for you.