by Joe Henry | January 02, 2018
The Holiday gift-giving season may be behind us, but wise incentive planners know they have to plan ahead, and they have to start the new year's new incentive programs off with a bang

Yeah, yeah, everyone resolved to start a new diet come the new year, but by February, 80 percent will be back to their old ways, according to U.S. News. And while they may not admit it, not only will they appreciate a bit of high-end indulgence to justify that first cheat, so will their office mates who made more realistic resolutions. From the high-end produce and prepared food merchant, the Dean & Deluca Snacks on the Run 18 pack is a gorgeous gift box packed with tins full of hickory smoked almonds, pistachios, cranberry nut mix, gummi bears, caramels, and other assorted snacks that is available through Rymax Marketing Services.

To make up for that indulgence, our people will be telling themselves they need to work out, and dancing will burn between 350 and 450 calories an hour for the average person -- roughly the same as running on a treadmill -- and a lot more fun that staring at the wall for half an hour. Incentive Concepts offers the Bose Soundtouch 30 Series III wireless speaker system, available in both black and white. This powerful portable speaker has enough oomph to saturate even largest rooms with amazing sound, so they can start moving to the rhythm wherever the mood takes them. It's a handsome yet innocuous-looking unit, meaning it'll blend seamlessly into your home surroundings. Moreover, the Soundtouch 30 Series III works off of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can be hooked up to music services like Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, as well as your own smartphone based collection of tunes. So not only will it play what they want to hear where they want to play it, it can act as the universal remote for their entire sound system.

While they are listening to music, give them something to keep them on their feet with the Stiga-Legacy Table Tennis table, available through Incentive Concepts. It has a regulation net and corner pads to prevent injury to body or clothing. The sanded and filled black table top provides a flawlessly smooth playing surface, and it's supported by a steel apron to ensure maximum bounce.

When warmer weather starts to approach, incentive program participants will want to start venturing outside, and drones remain a hot item. But as anyone who's started flying drones will tell you, it's harder than it looks, so starting with a good entry level model makes sense Rymax has the perfect beginners' option: The Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone is a next-generation model that's designed to resist impact when they fly it into a roof or a tree. (And they will.) Its headlights give the drone the ability to go at great speeds in pitch black conditions. And this Parrot can stunt. It can effortlessly pull 90 degree and 180 degree loops, and even start up while in free fall. It's the perfect gift for an employee who has a need for airborne acrobatics -- or who has kids that do.