by Joe Henry | December 04, 2018
The winter holidays is the perfect time to consider a thoughtfully prepared gift basket. Nothing will delight your high-performing employees more than a bountiful selection of delectable meats, cheeses and desserts.

And companies like Echo Valley Meats, Omaha Steaks, and Hickory Farms are well-prepared to help you serve up a feast that will live on in legend for holidays to come. Filled with smoky steaks and sausages, sharp cheeses and melt-in-your-mouth sweets, each gift basket features an explosion of flavor that everyone will enjoy.

Everyone knows that holiday feasting is never complete without a sizable ham, and fortunately companies like Echo Valley Meats have a wide selection to accommodate. Its bone-in half spiral ham is honey-glazed and smoked, and has that all-natural flavor one comes to expect from Echo Valley. 

On the other hand, if you're craving that rich, hickory flavor, check out Echo Valley's bone-in hickory smoked half ham.

Both delectable selections can feed 14-18 people.

For the real gourmands, Echo Valley also has a fantastic beef tenderloin chateaubriand, seasoned and stunningly easy to prepare. At three to 3.5 pounds and serving six to eight people, it'll surprise and delight your dinner guests. But beware: it's so delicious, anyone who serves it up will garner a significant amount of culinary expectations when it comes to all future feasts.

For those who want to supply a whole feast, check out Omaha Steaks' Gourmet Corporate Gift. This bounty of meats comes with four bacon-wrapped tri-tip steaks -- filled with robust flavor. It also has a savory set of four burgers, as well as four jumbo franks. The Gourmet Corporate Gift is truly the meat-lover's bonanza and anyone who gets it will feel they've hit the motherlode.

Less into variety, but want more quantity? Recipients can check out Omaha's Treat Your Team combo, which comes with four tri-tip steaks -- non-bacon wrapped, but still absolutely delicious -- and six gigantic steak burgers. 

But what about those with less of a salt tooth and more of a sweet tooth, or who simply aren't won over by a big pile of meats? Check out Hickory Farms' collection of 12 Italian Ice Cream Truffles. 

This variety pack comes with twelve different flavors, including banana with peanuts, praline pecan, raspberry, strawberry and burnt caramel. These delicious truffles are guaranteed to please anyone who loves sweets, and makes the perfect holiday gift -- as long as it's kept cold.