by Andrea Doyle | July 26, 2016

Gourmet food products are popular for incentives, rewards, and gifts as they are not only a reward for the recipient but for family members and friends as well, as the gift is shared with others. Try The World is a unique, gourmet subscription box service that keeps on giving by bringing the discovery of a new destination to your winners' doorsteps every month. Its newest product has just been released -- a snack box with five artisanal goodies from five different countries. 

Among the treats Snack Box recipients will enjoy are legendary Japanese gummy candies from Kasugai, a family business that was started in 1923, as well as Coco & Coco cookies from Argentina, Dos Cafeteras caramels from Spain, organic taro chips from Mindemadame in Thailand, and artisanal French marshmallows made by the famous Arnaud Soubeyran family. Each Snack Box comes with a product card that tells the story behind each item in addition to identifying products that are organic, sustainable, and support the local community. 

Founded in 2013, Try The World has released more than 13 different boxes from destinations such as Spain, France, Morocco, Argentina, Japan, Italy, Thailand, the UK, and India, importing more than one million gourmet items to date. The company is committed to working with small, family-owned companies who follow artisanal methods of production.  

"We taste thousands of snacks from around the world, and every month we pick five. With this subscription, we're excited to turn snacking into a fun, delicious experience," says David Foult, Try The World co-founder. 

Signature country boxes start at $29 every month or two months and can include customized messages, brand colors, and logo.