by Joe Henry | October 08, 2018
While the holidays aren't yet here, it's a good idea to plan ahead, especially if you're going to be buy in bulk for a large group. And when it comes to near-universal appeal, gift baskets are the way to go.

Hickory Farms has for years been known for their fantastic foods and handsome packaging. In need of something traditional? The Summer Sausage and Cheese gift box comes with the company's signature beef summer sausage, smoked cheddar blend, farmhouse cheddar, a smoked gouda blend and two delicious types of mustard: Honey and pineapple and sweet hot. 

This fantastic assortment is the perfect gift to satisfy anyone's savory tooth. Its cheese varieties and mustards provide a delicious pop of flavor that totally complements the smoky flavor of the summer sausage. 

For those who prefer a little sweetness, there's the Hickory Farms Orchard's Bounty Gift Basket, which comes with two beef summer sausages, a farmhouse cheddar, a berry nut mix, olive oil and rosemary crackers, and a vast assortment of fruit. Those include five mandarin oranges, three Fuji apples, two seasonal pears and two red d'Anjou pears. 

Combining both sweet and succulent, these are the perfect flavors to kiss summer goodbye and to welcome in the rush of autumnal weather.

Both items can be purchased directly through Hickory Farms' corporate gifting department.

For the true carnivores, head on over to Omaha Steaks' corporate gifting department and pick up the Ideal Business Gift. It's a veritable butcher's shop of beautiful cuts of meat, including two filet mignons, two top sirloins, four boneless chicken breasts, four burgers, stuffed baked potatoes and, to top it off, a chocolate lover's cake.

Whoever receives this gift basket is definitely going to want to host a party because it provides the sort of bounty that can feed more than one family.

But if seafood is your thing, then consider a Lobsterpalooza Gram, available through Rymax Marketing Services. This fantastic gift idea lives up to its name, serving up four two-pound live Maine lobsters, two 18 oz. bowls of delicious lobster bisque, four Maine lobster cakes and two 12 ounce lobster ravioli in lobster alfredo sauce. 

For those who prefer to snack, Rymax also has Dean & Deluca's Taste of Whiskey gift basket. No, this crate doesn't include a tasting menu of whiskies -- instead it has a bunch of snacks designed to enhance the flavors of your favorite spirits. It includes salami, two whiskey stones -- which are used in lieu of ice cubes -- two old-fashioned glasses, whiskey-rubbed cheese, flatbreads, toothpick vials and a flask so you can ensure your drinking habit is portable.