by Andrea Doyle | March 28, 2014
Food and gourmet products remain a powerful way to motivate and recognize employees. Often, they are shared with family and friends, serving as reminders of the company that rewarded them. In addition, many of these products have universal appeal. Here are just a few of the many such food-and-beverage products that make successful incentives.

Capresso is a leader in home beverage equipment. At this year’s 2014 International Home & Housewares Show, it introduced its On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker, which features a 16-ounce stainless-steel insulated thermal travel mug and an advanced compact brewer with full stainless steel housing that brews from either ground coffee or soft, pre-packaged coffee pods.

Another new product that Capresso has unveiled is its Iced Tea Maker, which custom brews a refreshing pitcher of iced tea from any type of tea at the touch of a button. Enriching its existing collection of electric water kettles, the Capresso Iced Tea Maker offers a fully customizable iced tea brewing experience.

HELP USA’s Comfort Foods Line
Founded by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in 1986 and named a Congressional national model in 1987, HELP USA is one of the largest providers of housing and services to the homeless population, including victims of domestic violence, veterans, and people living with HIV/AIDS. Now, Maria Cuomo Cole, HELP USA’s chair, has created a Comfort Foods line of premium specialty sweets as a social revenue generator. It’s a way to reward while giving back, as a percentage of proceeds benefits HELP USA programs and services. Products include gourmet, imported, gray-salt-dusted “Salty Turtles,” luxurious caramel almond chocolate-chip bars, chocolate-covered pretzels, and a decadent caramel- and chocolate-covered “Popcorn Extravaganza.” The sweets are prepared by designer chocolatier Choco-Logo in Buffalo, NY.

Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks is a family-owned company that markets and distributes a wide variety of the finest quality USDA-approved, grain-fed beef, and other gourmet foods from its famous Filet Mignons to succulent seafood, pork, poultry, sides, and desserts.

The Omaha Steaks B2B division specializes in helping companies run successful motivation, promotion, and reward programs by handling all program fulfillment and supplying program support. Its incentive programs can be designed to fit every budget. All products are also backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

If the awards need to be a shipped directly to a recipient’s home, there are many gourmet selections, and custom packages can also be created. Omaha can even ship in bulk for on-site distribution at meetings and events. 

Prefer a certificate? The Omaha Collection is a certificate program with turn-key ease that offers gourmet choices at five different price points. Gift cards with easy redemption options are available. There is also a collect-and-redeem Steak Buck program that is perfect for ongoing loyalty and safety programs.

Omaha Steaks’ newest program, Steaks for Good, allows a company to give back to charity with each package that it purchases. With this new Gift & Giveback program, it’s possible to give a direct shipment or a certificate. 

Amazing Clubs’ Gift of the Month Clubs
Frequently referred to as the gift that keeps on giving, recipients can tailor these gifts by choosing beer, wine, coffee, and hot sauce, among other products or their own custom combination. Amazing Clubs Gift of the Month Clubs feature the highest quality gourmet items, with 39 gourmet selections from which to choose. The company also boasts a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Best of all, because gifts are sent every month, the giving company’s message is continually reinforced month after month.