by Joe Henry | September 12, 2017
When it comes to improving your kitchen and dining room, there are a lot of items that are not actually necessary but are often needed very desperately. This is where incentive rewards come in -- letting employees upgrade their dining and drinking experiences with items that make preparing, eating or even cleaning up after every bite or sip feel so much more luxurious.

In terms of cooking though, a deep fryer isn't necessarily the first item even a culinary-minded employee really finds necessary in his or her kitchen, but it's certainly a piece of equipment that could extend one's recipe oeuvre and bring a lot of happiness. Harco Incentives has Delonghi's Low Oil Fryer and Multicooker.

The problem with most fryers is that they're messy and -- because they require a lot of very hot oil to get any sort of desired crispiness -- potentially dangerous. But the Delonghi Low Oil Fryer needs only a tablespoon of oil for fresh potatoes, for instance. And as a multicooker, it's also versatile. If you're not into fried foods, the device can do vegetables, pastas, fish and even cakes.

For those foodies looking to upgrade their existing kitchen equipment, check out KitchenAid's copper-colored stand mixer. From a performance standpoint, it's got a five quart stainless steel bowl and ten speed settings. It's a long-proven, reliable device without any electronic gimmicks. And in an era where the kitchen is part of the living room, employees who are just as conscientious about how their kitchen looks as they are about the quality of the food they eat will absolutely die for the gorgeous copper finish of a mixer like this one. Check it out through Capitol Sales.

For the sommeliers in your office, there's the Bell'O dual-purpose wine cooler and bar, which comes in a rich cherry finish. The easy-to-assemble unit can accommodate 18 bottles and has a six-bottle upper cooling zone, which cools up to 25 degrees F below room temperature, as well as a 12-bottle lower zone, which cools up to 20 degrees F below room temp. And of course, there's a lock on the cabinet to keep the kids out. This item is also available through Capitol Sales.

But no matter how great the menu and the wine list is, there's always the drag of cleaning up. For that, turn to the Samsung 24-inch dishwasher with the company's powerful "Waterwall" technology.  

Available through PMC Almo, the Samsung Waterwall dishwasher has Energy Star's efficiency rating and offers different zones for different cleaning needs -- from fragile glass and china to pots and pans that require some heavy duty scrubbing. All can be cleaned in the same load.