by Leo Jakobson | April 12, 2013
Performance Driver Series earphones

Tumi now offers a line of inexpensive T-Tech by Tumi branded electronic accessories. Products include a wireless mouse, mobile USB hub, stylus, web cam, and earphones with and without integrated mobile phone speakers. All are in the $20-$50 range.

The flat, circular Mobile USB Hub costs $20 and includes four USB ports spaced far enough apart for even bulky flash drives. The high-speed hub requires no drivers. The $20 Stylus Pen has a microfiber tip for accurate performance on touchscreen surfaces. 

Tumi’s $40 Wireless Mini BlueScan Mouse has a compact, ergonomic design, and operates on 2.4 GHz for extended range. It is named for the BlueScan technology that lets it function on surfaces most optical mice cannot use, such as clear tabletops. The receiver stores in the mouse. 

The $50 1.3 MP Foldable Travel Web Cam is USB enabled and clips to monitors or can sit on your desktop and has a slim profile. 

The $40 Performance Driver Series Earphones offer high performance sound, and a sleek, sophisticated design featuring tough aluminum hardware with a gunmetal finish. The 6mm drivers provide crisp highs without sacrificing bass quality. It has customizable ear cushions. The $50 Performance Driver Series Earset adds an Apple-certified, in-line controller with play, pause, tack forward and backward, and volume control, as well as digital microphone for $50.

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