by Joe Henry | June 30, 2017
With all the fresh content being produced by film studios and entertainment companies like Netflix and HBO, it's no wonder that so many people single out televisions as their first, second, and third choice for home improvement.

But there are a lot of TVs out there today, so here are a couple of options that could be made available to star employees who want all the bells and whistles available.

First up, the Sony 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This is a huge, 75-inch set with brilliant, beautiful contrasts between light and dark. But aside from its impressive display and range of colors, it also has a lot of tech features that make it more than a TV, like Android TV and Google Cast - so its users can send content from a laptop or mobile screen straight to the television. It also has voice controls and its integration with Google Play enables them to download apps straight onto the TV.

Another fantastic option when it comes to mega-tricked-out TVs includes Samsung's 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV. One of Samsung's flagship sets, this TV uses quantum dot technology to enhance brightness and depth of color. And because people tend to watch TV in a well-lit room, the Samsung 4K QLED TV is designed to be viewed when there's a fair amount of ambient light -- and when one is seated about eight feet from the display.   

Not to be left out in the cold, LG has its own high-class offering: the 79-Inch Class 4K UHD Smart LED TV. Like the other smart TV options mentioned before, the LG offering goes online via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and is designed to display a true-to-life representation of colors. It has dimming technology to optimize contrast in different viewing environments, and it's also been engineered to deliver powerful, sharp 3D images. So, users can pop on their 3D specs -- the TV comes with two pairs -- and watch Avatar in all its glory, without the pesky ghosting that occasionally dampens 3D TV image quality.

All three of the aforementioned televisions are available through Harco Incentives.

Of course, not everyone needs a completely tricked-out TV, or one wider that they are tall. For those wanting something more modest, there's Philips' 43-inch 4K HD LED TV with Chromecast, available through Capitol Sales. It has great picture, and it's compatible with Google Chromecast, but doesn't download apps like top-of-the-line smart TV offerings.