October 24, 2011
Top Brands, a top incentive house in the industry, based in Oshkosh, WI, has picked up a new line, Pacific Image Electronics, which manufactures desktop color imaging peripheral products, including slide, film, and photo converters.   

Pacific Image's ImageBox 9MP ST stand-alone scanner, which retails for $199.99, is said to easily convert film, slides, and photos to digital files. The ImageBox 9MP ST requires no computer for use and no special software. Users place the original negative, slide, or photo in the scanning area and let the ImageBox convert it to an electronic file. 

The user can preview the scan on the machine's 2.7-inch LCD preview panel or on a big television screen by using the ImageBox's built-in TV output feature. Files are output in JPEG format at resolutions of up to nine megapixels and can be saved to an SD memory card. 

Also, the machine features Magic Touch technology, which, when engaged with the touch of a button, detects and eliminates dust, scratches, and other flaws to restore an image to its original beauty.

For more information, go to www.top-brands.com.